01-November-2009 V3.0.0 HpW-Works 32 Bit release


  • Supports using a 32 / 64 Bit OS (MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7)
  • A single HTML Help file with HpW-Works 32 Bit content, FAQ and Glossary
  • SMP CPU usage with multi threading implementation
  • SDI Main & Client Window implementation
  • Each HpW-Works client SDI Window may dock and stay attached to the main application window
  • Dynamically loaded Measurement Instance frame work
  • Various user selectable themed colors for all HpW-Works dock and tool bars
  • Preset applications with export and import (exchange) to file functions
  • Maximum sample size increased to 16,777,216 (2^24)
  • Uninstallation using the MS Windows system "Control Panel \ Add remove Software"
  • Configuration store in the MS Windows registry
  • Common application folder setup dialog
  • Common file dump setup dialog
  • Common file dump tree setup dialog
  • Use of a common "ProgramData" folder for file read & write operation (ProgramData\HpW-Software\HpW-Works)
  • Application protection using a personal USB data stick (no additional MS Windows driver required)
  • Separated installation kit for the HpW-Works Full Version and the HpW Works Evaluation Version


Sound Card Source:

  • Sample rate and interface capability check dialog
  • Enable optional MS Windows WDM interface

Amplitude Window:

  • New Amplitude Window with a sizable floating RMS toolbar
  • Configurable statistic data options
  • RMS Logger Window

FFT 2D Window:

  • FFT Weighting functions
  • FFT phase view with optional level masking options
  • FFT with min/max spectrum history shown as band or line
  • FFT spectrum data export & import with owner watermarking
  • FFT header text for each channel
  • FFT with custom X axis range on X-Linear / X- Logarithmic / X-Center
  • Full X/Y axis or only X axis mouse drag zooming on linear / logarithm scale
  • Re-Run FFT calculation with current sampled data
  • New high performance FFT windowing functions with up to 13 terms
  • SHIFT-Key or ALT-Key and spectrum dragging allows measuring X/Y axis data

Wave Generator:

  • Enable optional the MS Windows WDM interface
  • Sample rate and interface capability check dialog
  • Auto restart option after closing any setup dialog
  • Sine wave generation with phase option
  • Sine & Harmonic with up to 64 individual harmonics (level & phase)
  • Sine & Harmonic with export and import (exchange) functions
  • Multi Sine Waves with up to 512 individual sine waves (frequency & level & phase)
  • Multi Sine with export and import (exchange) functions