23-March-2018 V3.7.3 HpW-Works 32 Bit release

    - Chinese Windows 10 startup issue fixed
    - Small fixes applied

23-Februray-2017 V3.7.0 HpW-Works 32 Bit release

    - Changed: Y data scroll up/down (now as scroll arrows)
    - Enhanced: Acquisition and interface mode change
    - Enhanced: Data Store handling
    - New: WASAPI Option, SR is controlled by other GUI
    - Fixes applied

22-October-2016 V3.6.0 HpW-Works 32 Bit release

    - Startup behavior improved and if any, showing a collected list of messages
    - Preset settings simplified
    - Data Store preset dependent auto load of stored items
    - FFR Frequency response correction using data store item(s) with up to 6 individual items
    - FFR Chevron locating symbol if result data spectrum is not on current grid scale
    - All Test Bench with spectrum line width
    - FFT/PSP/PSD Spectrum Math & Analysis BW & Weighting functions
    - FFT/PSP/PSD Show optional filter spectrum
    - FFT/PSP/PSD Spectrum difference view against first data store item
    - RIAA and Inverse-RIAA spectrum math
    - FFT & PSP small to large RBW settings for LDO & THD + N measurement
    - Window 10 & release Windows 10 1511/1607 support
    - Fixes applied


05-May-2016 V3.5.0 HpW-Works 32 Bit release

    - Added Fast Frequency Response Test Bench (FFR)
    - Added spectrum bin detectors (RMS, Geometric Average, Average)
    - Application redesign (2) towards MS Windows 10 and seamless operation
    - Shortcut customization for must used actions
    - Custom color palette & color picking
    - Spectrum display layer with custom display order
    - Crest factor calculation
    - Spectrum smoothing line
    - ASIO with 2x,4x,8x channel bundling
    - Spectrum Average & THD analysis sequence changed
    - Channel view toggle
    - Individual channel freeze
    - Fixes applied


17-October-2014 V3.4.1 HpW-Works 32 Bit release

  • HpW Works Professional: Supports 16/20/24/32 bit resolution on sound cards and additional special formats on the sound card digital interface 28/32 bit using MS Windows Vista & MS Windows 7 & MS Windows 8 on 32/64 bit OS.
  • Clear font drawing option
  • Redesign (1) of Toolbars: New buttons and popup menu's.
  • WASAPI PNP device list changed: Popup of a modal form with a related busy message
  • WASAPI support with only input or output device channels