FAQ 5: Sound Card recommendations?

First, I do not sell any sound card! Here are some notes to fiddle out your required card:

- Use Analog and/or Digital signals
- Cross platform support required
- Use PCI rather ISA - How many IRQ's does this card need or/and DMA's
- Support sharable IRQ's
- Specify maximal measurement bandwidth = Fs/2
- Need from DC above... the old Turtle beach Thaiti have this support
- Specify required SFDR (Spurious Free Dynamic Range) within required bandwidth
- Specify maximal THD
- Specify maximal noise level
- Input and/or output level control on driver
- Is the induced noise (hum, RF) given from PC below your requirements or may use a Digital I/O card with connected ADC/DAC converters (more expensive)
- How long is this brand on the market (SW driver stability)